Gruta da Furninha

Natural cave used during pre-historical times

The Furninha’s Cave, located on the south coast of the Peniche peninsula,
is a natural cave used during pre-historical times, and is one of the most
important pre-historical sites of the municipality.
Currently located along the sea, this cave was used from the Middle Palaeolithic period to the end of the Chalcolithic era, and was excavated in the 1880s by the researcher Nery Delgado.
Used as a shelter and a cemetery, this pre-historical site has given ample
archaeological spoils, such as: osteological remains from many hominids,
namely Homo Sapiens (Neanderthal Man) and Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Modern Man); remains of animal life from the quaternary period (fish and mammals); utensils from the lithic period (bifacials, spear heads, polished stone axels…); bone utensils; and many ceramic pieces from the Neolithic
period (the celebrated suspended vases of the Furninha Cave).

These numerous remains are spread throughout many museums.
One of them is the Peniche Municipal Museum.

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