A historia do surf em Peniche

A short version of Peniche surf history

The history of surf in Peniche already remote 50 years ago, is at least this time the oldest record known a 1964 video on the Baleal where you can see a young man take the first steps on a surfboard and also show other surfers with some experience, probably foreigners in the area of Prainha and Lagido.
In the early seventies, was already regularity of some surf foreigners in Baleal in the traditional Volkswagen Kombi vans,
which provided to the locals to acquire boards, and since 1973, a group of half a dozen young local people started to surf.
It is around this time that this group began surf practice in Molhe Leste Beach and Medão Grande beach, later known as Supertubos.
But only from 1977 with the 1st International Surf championship that starts to appear a second generation of surfers.
Was in the eighties that Peniche takes the first surf boom in terms of the number of surfers and surf business.
In 1985 happens the second international surfing event in Peniche, this already with references to some local surf business, such as the first surfshop in Peniche, the “Pitau Surf Shop” and the Wetsuit brand Waterline facts that came to serve as an antechamber to the coming of the Rip Curl brand for Portugal.
In 1986, opens the first board shaper factory in Peniche, the “Papoa Surfboards”.
In 1988 happens the Rip Curl Pro-Am 88, it is also in 88 that takes place the first Regional Circuit of Surf and Bodyboard
Peniche, organized by Peniche Surf Club.
With the arrival of the new millennium begins to appear a new concept of local business – the surfcamps and surfschools,
that were fundamental for the development of the city as also for her title as ” Wave Capital “.
The arrival of the Word Tour in 2009, and the High Performance Centre in 2012, put the city on the map as one of the best
surf spots of the world.


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